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Geocon's WOVA: A Monumental Project Transforming Canberra's Skyline

By Coposit

In the heart of Canberra, a massive residential project is taking shape, and it’s making headlines as one of the most significant developments in the city’s history.

In a recent trip to Canberra, our co-founder, Daniel Ferris, attended the WOVA site and caught up with a few key members of the Geocon team, a prominent property developer in the region, to discuss the scope and progress of the development and the innovative approaches that are shaping its success.

Construction is well underway at WOVA, Canberra

The WOVA Project: A Glimpse of Grandeur

Simon Chester, Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, introduces WOVA as Canberra’s largest single units plan, encompassing a staggering 880 units all in one stage. The sheer scale of this project is pretty impressive, and it’s poised to make a significant impact on the city's skyline.

"It’s a big, big job and a credit to the team, it’s our fastest selling project in the history of the company." Simon Chester

Concrete and Steel: The Foundation of WOVA

Ned Pattinson, Senior Project Manager at Geocon, reveals some astonishing statistics about the materials used. On the day that the Coposit team attend the site, the team had poured around 30,000 cubic metres of concrete and utilised a whopping 4,000 tonnes of steel reinforcement. This speaks volumes about the magnitude of the construction effort. With such substantial requirements, it’s safe to say that Geocon are keeping their suppliers busy.

Managing a project of this scale is no small feat. With a workforce fluctuating between 350 to 450 workers on-site daily, ensuring that everyone is moving in the right direction is a challenge. Yet, it’s a challenge that Ned Pattinson and the Geocon are taking head-on.

Simon Chester, Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships, & Dan at WOVA in Canberra

Innovation in Construction

The conversation turns to the innovative approaches that Geocon is adopting. One notable innovation is the use of prefabricated bathroom pods, manufactured offsite in Melbourne by SYNC Bathrooms. These pods offer increased efficiency and ensure high-quality standards. Moreover, they eliminate the issue of crane operation on windy days, allowing for consistent progress on site and minimising delays as much as possible.

Architectural Excellence

Geocon’s choice to collaborate with Fender Katsalidis, a world-renowned architectural firm, for the fourth time suggests their commitment to quality. Fender Katsalidis is celebrated for their work on Australia 108, the largest residential tower in the southern hemisphere. This partnership ensures that WOVA is not just a residential development but a piece of architectural excellence that will grace Canberra’s skyline for years to come.

Ned Pattinson, Senior Project Manager, & Dan outside the WOVA site in Canberra

The Countdown to Completion

As we near the conclusion of the interview, Ned Pattinson reveals that the first three towers are set to be completed by the end of March, with the final tower following in mid-May. The project is well on track, with the display level set to open in November. It’s a testament to Geocon's dedication and efficiency.

The WOVA project by Geocon is undoubtedly a game-changer for Canberra. Not only is it the city’s largest single-unit development, but it also represents a milestone in urban construction, using innovative approaches and architectural excellence to set new standards. As the project progresses towards completion, it promises to reshape Canberra’s skyline and become a testament to Geocon’s commitment to quality and innovation. We look forward to witnessing the transformation of this ambitious project and its lasting impact on the city.

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