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Off-the-Plan Melbourne

Melbourne Off-The-Plan Property Market

The VIC housing market has turned a corner in recent times, especially in the city of Melbourne. House properties have seen a significant increase, which is great for sellers but makes life difficult for many buyers.

This creates a window of opportunity for off-the-plan properties with Coposit, which are seen as a strong investment for those looking to move to the largest populated city in Australia. The city provides some of the best food, culture and shopping experiences in all of Australia.

Main Challenges

Melbourne has a unique lifestyle and economic benefits that attract many overseas migrants, propagating a strong and diverse economy. While more buyers are active in the market, there is currently a shortage of good quality property in the market, with supply issues on current properties being a cause for concern.

If you are entering the property market in Melbourne, off-the-plan properties are easier to find and only require a deposit of 10%. With Coposit, you can secure your VIC off-the-plan property with just $10k, and pay the rest of the deposit in weekly installments called ‘coposits’, all from the comfort of our app.

For all your off-the-plan property needs in VIC and Melbourne,Contact us today to start your property journey.

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