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Off-the-Plan Sydney

Sydney Off-The-Plan Property Market

The NSW off-the-plan property market is seeing a significant boom in 2023. Many Australians are moving into the financial capital of Australia for work, but also for a chance to live in a beautiful city, a mild climate and diverse cultural scenes.

However, many first-time buyers are flocking to off-the-plan properties as you can defer your transfer duty (stamp duty) for up to 12 months after you sign the agreement or until the property is completed or handed over.

NSW Off-The-Plan Properties with Coposit and secure your dream home for as little as $10k.

Main Challenges

With some of the highest property values in the country, entering the property market in NSW, especially Sydney's East side, can be difficult for first-home buyers and new investors.

After all, some of the city’s suburbs are so tightly held that an available property only comes around very rarely, with homeowners holding onto their houses for as long as 20 years. That's why off-the-plan properties are sought after in NSW, as they are more readily available to buy into.

The other advantage is that you can secure an off-the-plan property with as little as $10k, and pay the rest of the deposit in weekly
‘coposits’ through our app.

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