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8 Must Listen Australian Business, Money, Property Podcasts

By Coposit

If you’re anything like me, you love consuming new ideas with minimal effort. Now that I have children, I am finding less time for reading with the exception of titles such as “Green Eggs and Ham” or “Claris the Chicest Mouse in Paris”.

Podcasts have become my main source of education and entertainment. If you want to make the most out of your daily drive or evening stroll, a podcast is a sure-fire way to be the ultimate multitasker and learn new things while you are on the go.

Interested in learning about investing and finances? The best thing you can do is listen to expert advice straight from the horse’s mouth.

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of money and finance or are a seasoned property investor, these are my top eight podcasts guaranteed to become your ultimate guide to all matters business, money, and property.

1. My Millennial Money

Host/s Glen James and John Pidgeon

Discussing all things money, career goals, property advice and general millennial life, Glen and John certainly know what their audience wants (and aren’t afraid to speak their mind). From breaking down the best money saving tips and advice to deep dives on the ins and outs of property buying, all sprinkled with a few laughs, My Millennial Money never fails to keep me entertained.

I love the lighthearted nature of this pod – a perfect balance of valuable money tips and entertaining banter.

Recommended episode:

#443b Buying off the Plan

Special Guest: Luke Berry, Thirdi Property Group Director (Disclaimer: Luke kindly gives Coposit a shoutout in this ep.)

2. The Elephant in the Room

Host/s Veronica Morgan and Chris Bates

Ever wanted to be in the room where it all happens? This is the podcast I find the most refreshing because it’s where the property taboos that hardly anyone talks about come to the surface. From delving into the psyche of industry experts to challenging conventional ideas about money and property, Veronica and Chris aren’t afraid to talk about the big issues in the property world.

These guys are the real deal and a podcast I can trust when it comes to talking about honest issues like housing affordability and what’s actually going on in the elusive world of real estate.

Recommended episode:

#193 What will the new normal look like?

Special Guest: Simon Kuestenmacher, The Demographics Group

3. Wealthi

Host/s: Domenic Nesci and the Wealthi Team

Wealthi has built a community of savvy young investors with a show

delivered by an expert team and industry-leading guests who I can trust. Dom and the Wealthi team offer a fresh take and well-versed viewpoint on property markets around Australia (and now also around the world) – something greatly valued in my opinion.

As one of the only commentators to predict a COVID market boom, these guys know what’s up and are on a mission to make property investing easier.

Recommended episode:

#133 –

Special Guest – me (blatant self-promotion right here!)

4. Equity Mates

Host/s: Bryce Leske and Alec Renehan

Ever wanted to start investing but don’t know where to begin? If you’re just venturing into the world of investing in shares, Equity Mates is the perfect place to begin your journey. Follow tips from two twenty-something year old stock market investors who provide the ultimate guide to navigating property jargon and ask all the big Qs about what it really means to be an ethical investor.

I love how these two skillfully break down the barriers to investing for those wanting to get their foot in the door, all while having fun doing it!

The guys have also created a podcast network with shows under their belt like ‘Get Stared Investing, ’Comedian vs Economist,’ and their newest title ‘Crypto Curious.’

Recommended episode:

Expert: The Opportunity in Ethereum

Special Guest – Mark Carnegie, co-founder Carnegie, Wylie & Co

5. The Property Couch

Host/s: Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley

Take a seat with this definitive insider’s guide to all things property and finance. With a variety of niche topics ranging from money management to “get rich slow.’ I’ve found this podcast does not disappoint when it comes to learning the key fundamentals of property investment. Experts, Bryce and Ben present a wide range of in-depth information and keep me on my toes!

I’m always learning something new with every episode. It has been interesting to understand how their philosophies evolve as the market does, but their fundamental advice always hold true.

Recommended episode:

Their first 20 episodes! These eps are key to understanding the fundamental principles of property investing.

6. Property Investment Podcast Network

Host/s: Phil Tarrant and others

This show doesn’t shy away from controversy and unearths the issues the Australian property market is currently facing – it is great for someone like me who appreciates a broad range of opinions from investors, agents, and developers alike. Phil is a top businesses podcaster and property investing veteran, delivering unmatched market insights – this guy really knows his stuff!

With various approaches to investing, this pod is short, sharp and to the point. A constant go-to listen for my daily commute.

Recommended episode:

Field to Founder

Special Guest: Matt Srama – Srama Property Investments

7. The Property Playbook

Host/s: Victoria Devine and Amy Lunardi

I’ve been a longtime fan of anything Victoria puts her name to, and this show does not disappoint! An award-winning financial advisor and whiz in all things money in general, you might recognise her from ‘She’s on the Money.’ Here, she cleverly teams up with property expert Amy Lunardi to answer all your questions about home ownership, saving money and property buying processes.

With every weekly episode comes realistic advice and deep dives into the nitty gritty of property finances – these two did not come to play around.

Recommended episode:

Top Tips for Saving a Deposit

8. The Mentor with Mark Bouris

Host/s: Mark Bouris

Mark is the trusted voice we’ve needed for all the small business owners and entrepreneurs out there. Whenever I listen to this show I feel inspired and ready to take on any challenges that inevitably arise in this industry. Personally, I think Mark is the best ambassador for small businesses. He speaks to multiple entrepreneurs and finds out exactly what drives and motivates them to craft their own business path.

Mark’s personal guidance throughout each episode makes this pod so captivating with diverse topics keeping every conversation relevant and meaningful.

Recommended episode:

HiSmile: Effective influencer marketing driving brand awareness

Special Guests: Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic – HiSmile

From overcoming millennial money challenges to property buying advice from key industry players, these are my top podcasts perfect for getting a head start into investing and learning a thing or two about the property world. So why wait! The best advice, tips and tricks are right at your disposal and guaranteed to make your daily commute feel just that little bit shorter.

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