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How PropTech Is Changing The Game

By Coposit

Property technology, proptech. However you describe it, it’s changing the game. Simply put, proptech is the use of information technology (IT) to help individuals and companies research, buy, sell and manage property. 

Just like the way fintech focuses on the use of technology in finance, proptech uses digital innovation to address the needs of the property industry in Australia and worldwide. 

There are so many ways in which proptech has taken the property industry by storm since hitting our shores less than a decade ago. 

Examples are far-reaching, and there have been proptech innovations for things like the proactive management of environmental impact in developments, by utilising software that monitors environmental factors (such as noise, dust and vibration) with real-time information and innovative tools. 

Similarly, there’s proptech that helps buyers envisage new off-the-plan properties that aren’t built yet, by offering presentation apps and showroom technology for new developments. Think solutions like virtual reality, immersion rooms, life-size floor projections and interactive masterplans so buyers can visualise apartments that aren’t yet built before purchasing. 

Most excitingly of all is the creation of a property-buying platform for home buyers, investors and downsizers, which brings us to Coposit. 

It’s no secret that the great Australian dream of home ownership is passing so many Aussies by. It has never been harder for first home buyers to get into the property market. And as if it isn’t already hard enough, economists are predicting that apartment prices will continue to soar in 2023, with interest rates not far behind.  

Media headlines tend to stress that housing affordability is the issue, but the real stumbling block that keeps home ownership unattainable is the first hurdle –  the upfront deposit requirements. Affordability only impacts existing homeowners or those that already have their deposit saved and measures the percentage of their income needed to service a mortgage. 

The good news is that with Coposit, buyers can kick the first goal now and keep kicking them all the way into their home. We fast-track ownership by allowing you to own an off-the-plan property for just $10,000 and pay the deposit in interest-free instalments. 

This is why it pays to be smarter: with the first deposit and with no fees at all to pay, buyers can secure a property with Coposit, then pay down the deposit in weekly instalments, (we call these “coposits”) until it’s built. 

Take for example WOVA by Canberra developers Geocon, which will be the city’s tallest tower, designed to be a true lifestyle destination. 

Perfectly positioned within the multi-billion dollar regeneration of the old Woden Town Centre, yet just a 10-minute drive from the City Centre. 

This is a golden opportunity with high-end amenity, abundant transport options and once-in-a-generation value that is set to redefine contemporary community living in Woden Valley. The best part is that buyers can purchase an apartment in WOVA from an unbelievable $272 per week over 42 weeks! 

To discover more about the incredible Coposit opportunities available, explore our listings.

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