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How to Live Where You Want & Grow Your Wealth: Property Now Q&A | EP 27

By Coposit

15 May 2024 · 1 min read

Is a recession the right move to bring down property prices? Are rural properties worth it? What is rent-vesting? The answers to all of these and more in this weeks episode! (p.s we love hearing from you so if you have any questions for us, drop them below!)

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00:02:08 - Is a recession the answer? 00:05:16 - Practical tips for prospective first home buyers 00:12:27 - What is rent-vesting? 00:22:44 - The future of house prices 00:29:09 - PropTok 00:35:35 - Are rural properties worth it? 00:40:11 - The Property Now mystery...

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