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RBA Decides to Cancel Christmas: Interest Rates Rise Again | EP 1

By Coposit

07 Nov 2023 · 1 min read

Welcome to our very first episode of Property Now, where we are on a mission to make you the property pro in our group chat. In our first episode, we discuss the topic that has been absolutely dominating news headlines for the past week: would the RBA opt for a rate hike or a rate hold?

We share our thoughts on if the RBA made the right decision or not by increasing interest rates again, who are the losers in this situation and who are the winners, and make our predictions for what the RBA might do next and how this will impact the Australian property market. Whether you're a first-home buyer, a mortgage holder, or a property nerd just like us, you'll be glad you tuned in.

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Sources referenced: Lefort, C. (2023) ‘Economists warn Cup Day rate rise may not be RBA’s last’, Australian Financial Review, 31 October.

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