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Recession on the Way? What the Rate Pause Means for You! | EP 26

By Coposit

09 May 2024 · 2 min read

In this week’s episode of Property Now, the team break down all you need to know about this latest interest rate news.

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00:01:12 - Discussion on RBA Rates 00:01:55 - Effects of Rate Changes on Borrowing Capacity 00:04:09 - Key Points from RBA Meeting 00:04:36 - Predictions on Rate Changes 00:05:01 - Discussion on Inflation and Unemployment 00:07:02 - Discussion on Government Spending 00:12:28 - Discussion on Confidence and Uncertainty 00:13:03 - Discussion on Inflation and Rate Cut 00:14:12 - Discussion on Government and RBA Conflict 00:15:39 - Discussion on Global Impact 00:17:43 - Discussion on Economic Growth 00:19:43 - Cash Rate on Hold what this means for Property 00:23:39 - Interstate Investors 00:24:16 - 2 Major Factors Keeping Prices High

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